The Authors

To keep things interesting, we decided it would be fun to write profiles for each other.

Goonix is a New Zealander who claims to be of French ancestry. He therefore  supports les Bleus, has a penchant for red wine & cheese and is an avid All Whites fan. He is a football purist who prefers beautiful football over results and thus is also a die hard Arsenal supporter. He is a founding member of the Yellow Fever, the Wellington Phoenix supporters’ club. Goonix is the foreign correspondent for the blog, given he will be in Europe during the World Cup and beyond.

Agnitio is a miserable mid-table Liverpool supporter, having caught the disease off Nolan. He is also a founding member of the Yellow Fever and thus supports the Phoenix. After Euro 2008 success he decided that he was half-Spanish and hence will be supporting the favourites at this World Cup, along with rank-outsiders the All-Whites.

Nolan infected Agnitio with the “Liverpool disease” one cold, lonely night out in Mt Cook. He supports crybabies Ireland. But since they’re not at the World Cup, after being comprehensively dismantled by the mighty French in qualification, he is supporting the Netherlands (perhaps due to the orange on the Irish flag). Nolan is also a mercenary, part of both Ricki Herbert’s Yellow Army and Ricki Herbert’s All White Army.

D. J. Taylor supported Chelsea “when they were shit” and thus is the only “real” Chelsea fan any of the other authors have ever met. He supports the Phoenix, but dislikes Ricky Herbert and thus has very patchy attendance at home games.  As a Danish man who has long supported Germany, Taylor will of course be rooting for Serbia in the 2010 Fifa World Cup.


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